Are We The Correct School For You?

by Phil Jones, Driving School Owner

Are we the right Driving School for you?

We do not attempt to teach every person that wants to lean to drive and we may not be the right Driving School for you?

With over fifteen years of experience and one of the highest pass rates in the area, we find that taking a 2-hour lesson every week, proves to be the most successful strategy for most students. Two-hour lessons would be far more beneficial to you and you will learn far more for your money and you will also be test ready in half the time. You will have a decent amount of condensed learning in one go with time to digest and be focused for your next lesson. Sometimes students think that they would be unable to concentrate for a period of two hours, but this is why we would ‘chunk’ your lessons and break up the two hour slot to cover several topics, just as they do in the school curriculum to keep the learning fresh and focused.

Now you may be thinking of taking 1-hour lessons and Just to be clear and give you a balanced view, there is nothing wrong with 1-hour lessons, we just feel that they offer less value for your money as they prolong the learning period substantially. Another of the drawbacks is having to take time from your lesson to drive to a suitable location that is relevant to cover the topic and then having to drive back again. But should you prefer to take less than two-hour lessons, we would be able to tailor your lessons to suit you.

The opposite of taking 1-hour lessons, is to consider an intensive or ‘crash’ course.

Many of the enquiries that we receive asking about intensive courses are from students that have yet to take and pass their Theory Test. Should this be the case, you would normally be waiting for around eight weeks for a practical test from the time you pass your Theory Test. Now should you be looking to take a week off school or work and condense your lessons, this could work for you if you were able to schedule your intensive course a few weeks before your practical test. Taking an intensive course and then having to wait more than a few weeks before taking your practical test could mean you find yourself getting rusty while you are waiting. The other thing to consider is that you may be purchasing more lessons than you require and therefore spending more money than is necessary, or booking less lessons than you need and arriving on test day underprepared and run the risk of having to rebook another test and having the frustration of waiting a few months for your next test. Again, if you prefer to take an intensive course, we would not be the right Driving School for you as we do not offer them.

 Finally, our learner students take regular lessons each week, booked well in advance if possible as this provides the continuity and accelerates the learning period. We sometimes have requests to provide a lesson every other week because of affordability issues, but this is not something we can offer. While we completely understand that your finances may be tight and that is all you can afford, but this practice is detrimental to your learning. You would lack the continuity required and your learning period would be extended considerably and therefore we would not be providing the best value for money and it would go against our principles.