How to Gauge Quality Lessons

Now we have covered the different types of instructors, the driving schools, the differences between them all, how do we know what represents a quality lesson which will actually teach us to drive in the best possible way?

Firstly, as we have touched upon before, your driving instructor must issue you with a report card Failure to do so will almost certainly slow your progress. Your report card not only details your progress to date but it also demonstrates where everything you have learned so far fits in with the driving syllabus.

You should have your report card with you at all times whenever you have a driving lesson. Your instructor will note your progress from previous lessons. He will ask you questions based on what you have learned so far just to make sure you are paying attention and that you are retaining the information in readiness for your test.

Your answers will dictate what you will be covering in that day’s lesson. If you feel you need more practice on a particular manoeuvre, now’s the time to speak up. Once your instructor has indicated what he wants you to do, you should begin the lesson.

Always make sure you clearly understand what you are being asked to do before you set off so you can ensure you are 100% focused on your driving. If you are unclear or there is a point in the procedure where you might need help make sure you notify your instructor so he can help guide you through the procedure. If you don’t then you could cause unnecessary panic.

Your instructor is there to assist you as well as teach you. If something remains unclear and you need him to talk you through it then don’t be afraid to say so. Once you have been guided a few times then let your instructor know you have the hang of it now and try again without prompting and see how you manage it.

At the end of the lesson your instructor should give a quick recap on how you have done during that lesson. If he is happy with your progress he will likely inform you that the next lesson will feature the next stage of the driving syllabus. If he feels you need more practice on your current stage then he will say so. He will also ask for your own feedback and will certainly ensure you are happy to move on to the next step.

Don’t move on if you feel you need more time on a particular step. It is in your interest to ensure you are competent at all levels of the syllabus otherwise you might be entered for your test when you are not ready or you feel you are not ready. The complete answer to how to gauge quality and value for money is whether you feel you have received something out of the lessons. If you’re improving at a pace you are comfortable with then you are indeed receiving quality and valuable training.