Nature And Parks In Rhyl

One of the major seafront resorts and great beach holiday destinations, Rhyl has several things to do and explore. Charming harbour, stunning beaches, thrilling water sports, bustling seafront promenade, historic sites, churches, and parks that town has to offer.

Rhyl is blessed with magnificent nature and beauty.

Rhyl East Beach

The Rhyl East Beach is a lovely beach with fantabulous views of a Irish Sea. Right from the Coastguard station to Old Golf Road, this Rhyl East Beach has its own craft zone where one can enjoy kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, and many more thrilling, exciting water sports.

Marine Lake

Marine Lake is the only salt water lake in the UK. It is great place to enjoy waterboarding, knee boarding, wind surfing, kayaking, waterslides, and several other attractions. The Miniature railway here has become top rated attraction of the lake. The island in the centre of the Marine Lake and the surrounding area is a great place to view wildlife. The walk way in the Marine Lake offers the chance to witness and experience the resident wildlife along with lovely countryside nature.

Marsh Tracks

If you want cycling to be a little more adventurous, then you must visit Marsh Tracks where you can enjoy cycling on BMX track, free ride mountain bike track and closed road circuit on the banks of River Clwyd Estuary and within Glan Morfa community nature reserve.

Brickfield Pond

Brickfield Pond in Rhyl is the popular pit flooded to create a wildlife hotspot. It is a great venue for running, cycling, fishing, and walking. Bird watching is very popular at Brickfield Ponds where people enjoy watching kingfishers, grey heron, and sand martin. Feeding to ducks like mallard, moorhen, and mute swan is enjoyed by the visitors here.

Glan Morfa

Glan Morfa is beautiful woodland with abundant wildlife, native trees, and a great spot for bird watching. Close to Marine Lake, the Glan Morfa woodland features a wide all-ability path on the bank of River Clwyd estuary. The place is a perfect place for cycling next to Marsh Tracks. It serves a picturesque commuter route, and is great for bird watching, walking, cycling, etc.

Rhyl Harbour

Rhyl Harbour is a great centre for walking and cycling along with a large number of natural trails, reserves and facilities. It is a home to some of the few remaining sand dune systems.

Rhuddlan Nature Reserve

Rhuddlan Nature Reserve to the south of Rhyl is a popular place to cycle and walk. It is a great place to enjoy the local wildlife and resident birds namely grey heron and mute swan. It is worth exciting to watch dragon flies here.

Bodelwyddan Castle and Park

Bodelwyddan Castle and Park is an independent museum and visitor attraction that serves fascinating things to see and discover. Woodland trails, children’s playground, formal walled gardens make for great day out for everyone. Watching beautiful butterflies and mini beasts, visiting a Welsh fruit orchard, exploring hedge maze, wandering the replica World War 1 trenches, adventure play area, etc. are some of the great attractions of Bodelwyddan Castle and Park