Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Rhyl area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Massive congratulations to Sean Perry who passed his practical manual driving test on the 18th of January 2019 at Rhyl Driving Test Centre. Sean was trained to this high standard by Elaine Pearson of Go Learn 2 Drive.

Well done Sean you’ll be able to drive to Creuddyn School now.

Good luck for the future from all the team here at Go Learn 2 Drive.

Massive congratulations to Callum Taylor of St Asaph, near Rhyl who passed his manual practical driving test on the 22nd of January 2019 at Rhyl Driving Test Centre at his 1st attempt. Callum was trained to a very high standard by Daz Elie of Go Learn 2 Drive.

What a fantastic achievement Callum, you can drive to rugby training now.

Well done and good luck for the future from all the team here at Go Learn 2 Drive.

Massive congratulations to Rayna Driscoll who passed her practical automatic driving test at the 1st attempt at the Rhyl Driving Test Centre on the 24th of January 2019.
Rayna was trained to this very high standard by Phil Jones of Go Learn 2 Drive.

This should definitely make life easier for you now Rayna

Well done and good luck for the future from all the team here at Go Learn 2 Drive.

“The most important criteria for me was a driving school that was recommended and also on the DVSA list. Also a driving school that could provide an automatic car to learn in.

At first learning to drive was scary for the first few lessons but with the guidance of my instructor it became good and enjoyable. I found my instructors teaching methods great, Phil corrects me right away if I did something wrong and would let me try it again until I did it correctly, his constructive criticisms and praise when my driving was good really helped me a lot.

I would definitely recommend Go Learn 2 Drive as Phil made me pass my test by having great instructors and I learned so much.

I can’t think of anything to improve and being able to pay online was fantastic.”

Rayna Driscoll, Denbigh

“For me the most important criteria was to choose someone whom I had heard good reviews about. As my husband and friend both had passed their test with Elaine, I did not need to think twice before choosing her. Other factors were flexibility with timings, as I have a 2 year old son and I always had to jiggle around my classes according to his babysitters, so that mattered a lot to me.

Learning to drive a manual car scared me a bit, but when I started to drive it was quite easier than I had anticipated.
I found Elaine’s teaching methods very helpful and elaborate, she used to write down the main tips and tricks I needed to learn and made sure I revised them before every lesson. She always used to boost up my confidence and make me realize that I drive way better than what I think about myself.

I would definitely recommend Go Learn 2 Drive, as it was a very pleasant experience for me with Elaine and there never any trouble with my classes or timings or payments. She is a great teacher. You can offer mock tests with other instructors instead of doing it with your own, just to get an idea of the anxiety of being in a real test and being marked by an unknown examiner.”

Driving Lessons Rhyl

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Erum Khan, Rhyl