“I chose Go Learn 2 Drive to provide my driving lessons because I’d seen great reviews online and positive feedback. Other factors were patience from the instructor and also to be flexible and approachable. I paid online because it was quick, easy and convenient.

Learning to drive was totally different to what I expected, as a late learner I was petrified about learning to drive. My first lesson went well and I was so excited to continue.

The way Phil taught me gave me confidence. I never thought I’d be driving/controlling a car but Phil transferred his knowledge and tools onto me meaning I was able to drive safely and with confidence.

Phil’s teaching methods were brilliant, he is patient, calm and doesn’t make learning to drive difficult. We had a good rapport.

I would definitely recommend everyone to use Go Learn 2 Drive, they are reliable, trustworthy and paying online is convenient. Very professional company.

I don’t think anything could be done to improve customer service.”

Fay Massey, Rhyl

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GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee

GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee