“The most important criteria for me was recommendations, Go Learn 2 Drive have lots of them, also the cost and being good with nervous drivers, other things were I wanted someone who would be reliable.

Learning to drive was less daunting than I expected it to be and Elaine’s teaching methods were brilliant, everything was explained clearly.

I would definitely recommend Go Learn 2 Drive, I never thought I would be able to pass but I did😀.

I was a very nervous learner, Elaine put me at ease straight away, she was calm and explained everything thoroughly. The previous lady I went with for lessons used to shout at me if I made a mistake, Elaine would encourage me to forget the mistakes and focus on the good parts. If she was going to be late she would always let me know. I loved my lessons and will miss Elaine, I have gone from being nervous behind the wheel to feeling very confident.

I didn’t think I would ever pass, I couldn’t have done it without Elaine.”

Rebecca Beckett, Rhyl

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GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee

GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee