“I chose Go Learn 2 Drive to provide my driving lessons because I wanted someone I could trust, I also needed an instructor with good communication skills, who would be calm, supportive and knowledgeable. Other important factors were honesty, friendly and competent at the job. Daz was all this and more. Flexible payment was good as I wanted to pay cash.

I found learning to drive quite difficult at the start but soon got the hang of it and then it got a lot easier, Daz’s teaching methods were great for me, he made it easy to understand what I needed to do.

I would certainly recommend Go Learn 2 Drive, everything was very professional and Daz was a brilliant instructor.

I don’t really think anything could be done to improve customer service, I didn’t have any problems.”

Sophie King, Rhyl

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GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee

GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee