“The most important criteria for me was a driving instructor who would be patient with me, but still encourage me to move on to the next level. Also someone that would believe in me as I lack self belief, and having someone that understood that for me it wasn’t just about having a licence but making a better future for my little girl. Other factors were someone who could make learning to drive enjoyable rather than just stressful and finding an instructor that would be straight forward and honest about where they thought I was at.

Learning to drive was much more enjoyable and less stressful than I had anticipated. I found Daz’s teaching methods to be perfect for me, he constantly helped me to believe in myself, to always follow routine and that making mistakes on a lesson is ok.

I would recommend Go Learn 2 Drive 110%, I’ve personally met both Daz and Phil and they are both brilliant teachers. Daz is the perfect example of an instructor and without him I would definitely have been too scared to drive on roundabouts or even think of my test let alone learning everything and passing in under 12 months. Customer service was perfect, being able to pay online just makes life so easy.”

Nakita Higham, Rhyl

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GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee

GoLearn2Drive- Satisfaction Guarantee