What is a Driving School?

There are two types of Business in the Driving Tuition industry & they are your driving instructor who would operate as a sole trader and then there’s the driving school. The driving school would be several driving instructors all working under one roof so to speak. Whilst I am not suggesting individual driving instructors are unprofessional, a driving school can appear more professional as they are many hands together sharing responsibilities.

Driving schools will typically employ additional staff to help with the day to day running of the business. Responsibilities will include answering the telephone & arranging bookings, taking payments, booking students in for tests and generally assisting with promotions for the business.

Freeing up these tasks can ensure the driving instructor only has to concentrate on the driving lessons and completion of report cards. As we have mentioned them its worth emphasising that report cards are an important part of learning to drive. They are a record of each lesson undertaken giving the student and the instructor a simple way of keeping an eye on how things are going. It should also indicate your strengths & weaknesses and what you need to brush up on.

Now we have outlined the general structure of a driving school, it’s easy to see why they would appear more professional & organized given that a driving instructor acting as a sole trader has to perform all the duties we have outlined on his or her own. It’s easy to forget things unless you’re an extremely well organized person.

Apart from these obvious differences, a driving school can provide greater choices. These choices might include debit or credit card facilities for payment options. They might be a choice of male or female instructor. The smallest thing to most people can be a big thing to someone else which can be the decisive thing when choosing an instructor.

Driving schools are more likely to have a website & with it comes the biggest promotional tool you can have – word of mouth. Most people online will have come across the Internet’s version of word of mouth on many a website. It’s simply the Customer Review. You will find these on big corporation ecommerce websites such as Amazon, EBay & similar sites. Many smaller sites are starting to use a Customer Review section on their site too.

The review not only gives us an idea of how many people like a product or service but also what they like about it. It not only gives potential customers an idea of what they might expect, it acts as feedback to the business, highlighting the good and bad points giving the business owner the opportunity to improve things. One thing to consider with reviews is not all reviews give a truthful overview. It’s worth noting how many people have left their opinion. Are they complaining about the same thing? Or praising about the same thing? If there are a small number of reviews then it may be too few to get a proper overview. Always consider carefully when using reviews as a method of choice.