Driving Lessons

Given that we have already mentioned that most people class all driving instructors as the same it probably won’t be a surprise to you then to learn that a recent study showed that only 26% of learner drivers used ADI’s or fully approved driving instructors as we learned earlier.

Those that completed the survey gave the reason they considered ADI’s too expensive. Many of those same people confirmed they used friends or family to learn. This equated to 46% of those asked.

The national average practical test pass rate currently stands at only 47.2% so over half those tested have to resit their driving exam so it is difficult to see how a student could save money by opting for someone they know rather than a professional.

A recommended solution would always be to supplement your professional lessons with additional practice with family & friends. What you gain is the correct tuition from your instructor combined with the opportunity to brush up on areas that will have been identified during your lessons.

Early lessons in your driving experience should give you confidence behind the wheel without being over confident which there may be an inclination to demonstrate in front of someone you know. Learning to drive without distraction will help prepare you for your test date.

A quality fully qualified instructor will issue you with a report card. The report card is designed as a record of your progress as you complete each lesson. Typically, your instructor will end your lesson leaving sufficient time to update your report card and quickly run over his observations. At the start of your next lesson your instructor will note the points raised at the last lesson & will outline what he wants you to do.

Usually your instructor will have you concentrate on an area he will have pointed out you needed more practice. Once he is happy you are proficient you are then free to move on to the next step in the driving syllabus at which point he will ask you to proceed. Normally your instructor will not ask you to move on to the next stage until he is sure you are comfortable with previous steps.

Now you can see where learning to drive with a professional will benefit you in a big way. Having a report card shows your strengths and weaknesses and you know first hand what you need to practice. If you do have the added bonus of being able to practice accompanied by an appropriate friend or relative then your practice should be centered around your weaknesses so as to help improve in time for your next lesson.

The balance between a professional instructor teaching you to drive in a structured & efficient way coupled with extra practice with a responsible adult can certainly speed up your progress and might even save you money this way. With a professional instructor, you’re more likely to be ready to take your test when you take it rather than find you needed more lessons.